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"I was looking for one solution or platform that can help grow customer engagement"

Jimmy, Digital Marketer

Miami, FL

"I wanted transparency into how my marketing is performing. "

Courtney, PR Consultant

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"I needed a proven system that can help us streamline and become more efficient."

Mark, Business Growth Consultant

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Platform overview


"Omnichannel" -- also spelled omnychannel™ -- is a multichannel approach to selling online and seeks to provide customers with a seamless e-commerce experience, whether they're shopping from a desktop (browser) or mobile device (via app, text, voice), or standing in person at a brick-and-mortar store.

Our team has been working hard to connect brands to buyers throughout the entire customer lifecycle by enhancing the modern customer experience journey using artificial intelligence.

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Our Product Roadmap

October 2020 - Present

3 Frequent Problems Of Our Customers:

Customer Experience & Personalization:

In the US, 77% own a smartphone. Sixty-eight percent of people say checking, sending, and answering text messages is the activity that they’re most engaged with on their phones throughout the day. But only 39% of businesses utilize text messaging, to communicate with customers. With Omnychannel, we enable users to personalize messages on mobile... ALSO text, email, facebook messenger, instagram dm, voice, and web chat!

Checkout Experience & Payments:

In the US, 35% of customers want to pay by text messages. However, only 4% of small businesses ever experience this payment option. Small businesses strive to improve customer relationships. And allowing customers to pay by text messages is one way to do it.

86% of the buyers are willing to pay more for better customer experience.

Solution #1

Spend less time in the business and more time on your projects. Our platform comes with access to experienced omnichannel marketers and a dedicated success team to help you get the most of your account. We are here to hold your hand every step of the way and help you get more wins with your clients and customers.

Customers who are fully engaged represent a 23% higher share in profitability, revenue and relationship growth.

Solution #2

One unified platform to engage more customers using our suite of tools. The platform is loaded with customer engagement tools to help you grow, such as;

Websites, Surveys, Forms, Calendar & Schedule Management, Power Dialer, Voicemail Drop, Sms/ Text, Reputation Management, Reporting & Analytics, and more. Over 17+ tools are now at your beckoning demand.

Moreover, 54% of the customers think companies need to fundamentally transform how they engage.

Solution #3

Not having access to the right data can slow down your sales automation efforts. Data is the foundation for all marketing. Customer data and Analytics matter to us. We build tools for you to analyze your customer data and extract the insights for you to focus on more of your most valuable customers.

Almost 40% of all customer interactions will be automated through AI and machine learning by 2023.

The Results & Outcomes

The more channels require their own marketing teams, the more time companies spend creating different campaigns. Omnychannel helps you to manage your marketing across channels. All while simplifying and automating your team’s workflow. The result is often, Happier Customers!

Omni-channel customer engagement is preferred by almost 78% of the customers.

Plus hundreds of other possibilities using:

Creating a single customer view across all channels isn’t simple. Systems become overly-complicated, resulting in inefficiency and a loss of business intelligence.

This makes it a mission-critical issue to find a way to create a single customer view that unifies the data from their disparate systems.

Omnychannel Whitelabel Marketing Platform has API and Webhooks-based solutions that lets you connect your internal business systems with each of your customer interaction channels so that you can deliver highly personalized customer interactions across every channel.

Generate recurring revenue for yourself and clients

With our platform, you can Automate and scale your business efficiently with a white label end-to-end e-commerce platform. Choose from a marketplace of over 30 cloud products and services to sell under your brand and desired profit margin.

We've done all the hard work to help you scale like a "Saas" (software-as-a-service). We bring the expertise and technicians you need to solve your digital marketing needs and lead problems in one place.

Coming 2022 (Q1 - Q2 )

Our platform comes with 17+ tools integrated in the platform

Web Chat

Access live chat, agent scheduling, and social media functionality.

Group 11

SMS Text/ Voicedrop

Send, measure and manage thousands of opt-in mobile subscribers.

Reputation Manager

Measure, manage, and improve digital footprint.

GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliant and can re-target customers on all major channels.

Payments & Invoice

Send & Accept cloud-based payments and invoicing

Web / E-Commerce

A turnkey all-in-one builder for e-commerce & websites

API / Webhooks

We offer the ability to execute targeted campaigns across all channels using our API and Webhook Routines.

HIPPA Compliance

Our HIPAA-compliant, omni-channel marketing platform automates compliance

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Omnychannel's MarketPlace offers the full marketing technology stack talent.

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